Our King is coming, His face shining with saving love for us!


These Advent reflections are designed to complement a daily devotional time you may already have.


Each reflection is designed to begin with a time of worship (OUR WORSHIP) that seamlessly ushers you into an honest and self-aware time of personal examination (OUR LONGINGS).


Then, we’ll move into scripture reading (SCRIPTURE) and personal reflection (OUR MEDITATION).


Through engaging in scripture and meditation, we allow the Holy Spirit to guide us next to prayerfully intercede for those we love (INTERCESSION) . 


We'll close with a suggested closing prayer you can pray along with, or you can use it as a springboard to close in prayer in any way you feel led (CLOSING PRAYER).


We’ll end our time with suggested questions or prayers to keep each day's reflection in mind during your evening prayers, as well as a prompt to start your day with the next morning (THIS EVENING AND TOMORROW MORNING).


You can feel free to utilize these Advent reflections in any way that draws you nearer to God’s presence, engaging only those elements out that seem to challenge you or bring you life. The scripture references will be compiled and listed at the bottom of each reflection (SCRIPTURES FROM OUR ADVENT SERIES) so you can return to them often as we journey together the next four weeks.


It’s a joy to be with you during this Advent season of discovering our true longing for God’s irresistibility!